The Greatest Challenge

NOTICE: special provisions for Divorcing Parents Class during the COVID-19 situation. See Parenting Class page – HERE

For all stepfamilies (a.k.a “blended families) one thing stands out:

No matter where they live or what their culture, stepfamilies all face the same challenges: 

  • rebellious stepkids, 
  • interfering ex-spouses, and 
  • marriage issues arising from divorce. 

Divorce statistics in the US for remarried couples range from 66% to 75%, and children of divorce suffer a multitude of life-long affects – some traumatic and damaging – from the break up of their family and subsequent remarriages. 

With such discouraging statistics, it is a wonder that anyone who goes through divorce with a child would dare to try marriage again. But we do. Over and over and over.

As this pattern grows into an epidemic, the depression takes its toll until something must be done. THAT is why we are here. To help Broken and Breaking families find some solid footing. All it really takes, we’ve found, is a little encouragement, a little guidance, and a little faith.

Since 1996, STEP-Carefully! has helped thousands of stepfamilies and divorced parents learn how to move through the painful, daunting early years of re-building hope. And it does take years. From five to seven years on average. That means that you will need:

  • lots of patience,
  • realistic expectations, and
  • Someone to come along beside you for the journey

We are experienced – divorced, remarried, bearing scars from the effort. We are professional – Certified Domestic Mediator and minister. We are available – this is all we do is provide help for stepfamilies like you.

Now, what do you need first? You can Learn more About STEP-Carefully! HERE,

Or you can read about our Arkansas and Oklahome State approved Divorcing Parents’ classes  HERE,

Or, if you’re newly married or not married yet, learn about our marriage preparation program designed just for couples forming StepFamilies HERE,

Read from our library of past blog articles about marriage and parenting HERE,


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