Six month diet report!

Let’s hear it for me – I made it six whole months on my diabetes reversing diet! Yea me!!!

So, now what? Well I’m not going back on the meat wagon, I can tell you that for sure! The immediate improvement I felt overall within the first weeks of going vegan/oil free/ low GI was an eyeopener to me and Jo both. I can’t imagine why I would want to start back poisoning myself after getting free from that mess. The reasons not to eat meat are FAR too compelling and convincing to ever allow anyone as intelligent as me (hey, my self-esteem is up, too!) to start eating (as it’s referred to by non-meat-heads) butchered, rotten, decaying, dead animal carcasses.

No thanks, as I recently wrote to a well-meaning but meat-addicted friend, “Once again – been on both sides – ate meat for 48 years (I think, can’t remember menus for the first two years too clearly!) and have been off it for 6 months. Empirical evidence convinces me that it is MUCH more enjoyable to eat everything else except mostly two or three animal foods (now , really, aren’t most of your meals centered around meat? Mine were: steak and ___, chicken and ___, pork and ___, etc, etc, etc). Jo and I are still trying to catch up on the first menu ideas I pulled together from 6 months ago when I started this change. There are so many more options when you give up the notion that every meal has to center on meat.”

My one concession to animal products will most likely be dairy. I’ve been researching Kerrygold cheeses and butter from Ireland, ( and everything I’ve found agrees that these are genuine organic, grass fed, safe versions.

Again – we don’t need any dairy products or animal products to be healthy and happy. God provided plenty of variety and nutrition in His original plan in the Garden. If I indulge in an occasional cheese treat, it will be from a source I can trust to have procured the cheese without torturing the cows/sheep/goats from whom it was taken. There’s just no call for that – it’s just plain rude!

I’ll report here as soon as I try the Kerrygold cheese I’m ordering. Stay tuned.


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