(more) Tofu fo u!

Look, if you ain’t tried tofu yet, it’s time! It’s not yucky, it’s really, really good – you just have to use it right. I posted a basic user’s guide earlier, but here are some more tips I picked up somewhere (honestly, I don’t know where, so I can’t give credit, sorry!) that should help you get going. Just do it!
Bobby C
The Number One Tofu Tip: The Fresher the Better. The ideal is organic, get some that isn’t anywhere close to it’s sell-by date, and use it quickly. Avoid the vacuum pack keep forever varieties.
Tofu Storage: If you need to use only part of a block of tofu, drain, rinse, and submerge in fresh water in a clean, sealed container. Store in the fridge for no more than a few days. But it’s best to use it when you open it!
A Little Tofu Goes A Long Way: Tofu is a concentrated protein, and should be eaten in small quantities, combined with grains and veggies. 4 Tblsp is an adult serving. Abandon the idea that tofu is a substitute for meat, therefore big slab of meat = big slab of tofu. Meat should also be eaten this way (sparingly), or better yet, not at all.
Simple Ways to Cook:
•Use firm tofu for the following recipes. If it seems too soft, wrap in a dishtowel, and press it with a brick or pan of water, or something heavy to squeeze out excess water, just for 10 – 15 minutes.
•Some will eat tofu straight up, raw, sliced, but since it’s raw, it should at least be steamed, to kill any nasty bacteria, and prevent gas.
•Slice the firm tofu in 1/2 x 1″ pieces, marinate, then fry both sides til crispy. You can toss the pieces into pasta, rice, casseroles, stir fries etc.
•Or add spices like ginger, cumin, etc to the marinade, OR use a spicy marinade, then stir fry with veggies OR add an Oriental spiced sauce. Serve with rice or noodles.
•Cut tofu in 1/2″ slices, or in 1″ sticks or fingers, marinate and bake or broil, serve with a grain and vegetables or salad. If you want to get fancy, coat with fine dry bread or cracker crumbs first. Great with catsup!
• Add raw sliced tofu to any veggie dish, or sauce. It’ll soak up the flavors. It goes well with stir fried greens. Especially if you throw in a few spices, like cumin, turmeric, ginger, hing.
• There are quite a few Tasty Tofu Recipes on Savvy Vegetarian, for example tofu burgers, which have been a weekly staple at our house for many years.
What To Do With Fried or Baked Tofu
• Serve with pasta and steamed veggies, with a little tomato sauce and parmesan cheese
• Serve with rice or quinoa, baked squash and steamed veggies, or salad
• Combine with roasted or sauteed veggies + salsa in a wrap
• Add to a grain-based pilaf, or veggie stew
• Cool and make a sandwich or two for your lunchbox


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