In an earlier entry (“OATMEAL!!?? for dinner!???”), I described fixing McCann’s steel cut Irish oats. Just today I noticed on the can that this is what I’ve always heard referred to as porridge! (smack myself on the forehead!) I always wondered what porridge was and now I’s eatin’ it!!

BTW, in playing with this new favorite, I’ve also discovered it’s good with rice mixed in (I always use parboiled rice – it’s got ‘way more nutrients than regular white rice), and/or with cornbread crumbled into it (wonderful!! – see my recipe for non-dairy cornbread in last month’s entries). It’s also good and crunchy with a whole apple processed up fairly fine. (Well, except for the stem.) (Oh, and keep the seeds they’ve got amino acids and stuff you want.)

Anyway, porridge is now my base food of choice. I’ve even added different beans to it, flax seed meal, Italian herbs like oregano and basil. It’s nice and comforting late at night with soy or almond milk and “butter” (again, you don’t need the cholesterol or fat of dairy – use a good quality non-hydrogenated oil-based margarine, like Smart Choice Light Spread with Flax Seed Oil).

Play with it. Porridge is a good base to experiment with because it has a nice, middle-of-the-road flavor, good nutrition (why waste time with food that ain’t good for nuttin?), and it is cheap, so if your experiment with mango, ketchup, and artichoke hearts turns out to be not so great (hey, who knew???), you’re only out about a buck.

Remember, there’s TONS of good stuff to eat that tastes great. Leave the junk alone and design your own new favorite. Impress your friends! Gross out your kids! Just don’t eat bad stuff – it’ll kill you!

Have fun!
Bobby C.


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