New, Secret Chemicals in your food!

Think you know how to read a food label and protect your family from icky stuff in those cans and bags? Maybe not as well as you thought, thanks to a chemical additive company, food producers, and your own Food and Drug Administration!

An article in the New York Times, and as reported on, The food additive company, Senomyx, Inc. is now producing chemicals to be added into consumer foods that will block your taste buds’ normal function. This blocking can keep you from tasting bitter, bad flavors in packaged, processed foods.

Wait – why would that be bad? Who wants to taste yucky stuff?
Well, wouldn’t you want to be able to taste if the ice cream you are eating is going bad? Senomyx and their partners will keep that from bothering you. Also your soda, canned soup (yikes!), supposedly healthy vegetable and fruit juices, bouillon for soups and sauces you pour over other foods, and many, many other items you take for granted are safe for your family to eat will be “enhanced” to hide and change natural flavors.

Senomyx is partnering with Nestle, Cadbury Schweppes, Coca-Cola, and Campbell Soups, among others to create a new generation of manufactured, biologically engineered, altered junk for you to eat. Senomyx’s web site also brags about their salt and sugar imitators.

But what about the FDA? Aren’t they supposed to be carefully watching over these companies to protect us from harmful additives that may harm our bodies? Nope. Besides the fact the FDA has pretty much quit really investigating additives if the companies behind them are big enough, they will accept these new chemicals as “generally recognized as safe” simply because there is not a lot put into the foods. But as powerful as these additives are, it doesn’t take much to make a big difference.

Senomyx is tampering with DNA, folks. They have broken down the human genome and searched out particular areas they can manipulate to fool our taste buds into swallowing whatever they want to push down our throats.

Oh, by the way, guess who backs many of the food producers and additive chemical companies? Pharmaceutical companies, that’s who. How convenient. If the foods we eat make us weak and sick, we’ll have to go to the Rx to get medicine to help us survive so we can make it back to the grocery store to buy more junk food to keep us alive so we can buy more drugs so we can … neato!


Here’s the only idea that will work to save you and your family from the slow poisoning – stop eating processed foods. You know how I feel about meat and other animal parts, such as dairy and eggs (read the many articles on this blog). Now let me opine about this:

We were originally engineered (created, formed, designed) to operate at our maximum physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual potential on a vegetable and grain based diet. The further we move away from the natural foods we need to survive, the more tentative our survival becomes, and the more dis-eased we become, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

SO … eat more natural foods, more raw foods (veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts, etc), and leave the overcooked, over processed, over refined, altered stuff alone. Farmers won’t feed this stuff to their slaughterhouse animals because it’s poison to them, but we flock to the grocery store to buy it and feed it to our families!

White sugar, white flour, corn syrup, MSG, table salt, flavor enhancers, preservatives, antibiotics, “artificial flavors,” “savory flavor ingredients,” are all bad for your body. Period. There are healthy alternatives to every one of those things. Search out better choices. Take care of you and yours. You’ll feel much better for it – in many ways.

HERE ARE SOME LINKS TO LEARN MORE: (how to grow your own good food, even in an apartment) (this is a good list of what is and what is not real food)



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