Don’t Use Antibacterial Soap!

In a story in Mother Earth News, we learn that – once again – big business chemical companies are capitalizing on our fears and our desires to keep our families healthy by taking advantage of our naiveté. The chemicals used in most antibacterial hand-, dish-, and body soaps, the pesticide triclocarban (TCC), not only doesn’t get us any cleaner or healthier, it doesn’t break down in water treatments and goes on down the line to poison crops it is subsequently sprayed on, so we wind up eating it! And eating it is very bad because, “… it is known to cause cancer and reproductive problems in mammals, and blue-baby syndrome in human infants.” This stuff in our soap and detergent, TCC, is called by a researcher, “a toxic chemical”!

Plain soap and water, the article points out, does just as good a job of cleaning hands, dishes, and foul mouths. (The foul mouths thing was mine.)

As we’re learning more and more about the chemicals in our food, drinks, and environment, it’s more and more important to guard against them. Read “Food & Behavior” by Barbara Stitts for a clear picture of how all these toxins affect your kids’ behavior. As you learn more about them, it is easier to see why your kids and stepkids are acting out the way they are – we’re poisoning them!

Read! Learn! Apply!



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