10 Things to do with cows

> pet cows
> ride cows
> feed cows
> use cows as grass trimmers
> obtain fertilizer from cows (after above)
> decorate cows with political sandwich boards and lead them through downtown
> give kiddy rides at the fair
> stress relief: talk to cows
> play fetch with cows (slow game!)
> brush and comb cows

JUST DON’T EAT THEM! (Sound silly? Americans spend $4 billion dollars each year on our dogs and cats!)

Eating a cow is; a) harmful to your body (cholesterol, hormones, etc); b) harmful to the environment (takes much more land to raise beef cattle than veg foods, plus much more pollution); and c) detrimental to the cow’s health!

Read my earlier posts for more details, but basically: we were originally engineered to operate at peak efficiency on a vegetarian diet (Genesis 1:29), so meat is contraindicated for human consumption.


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