ALERT! more poison meat recalled (good grief!)

The USDA has (AGAIN!!!!) issued a warning and a recall of poisonous beef. ( see the notice at
This is a Class 1 Recall; Health risk is HIGH.

Look, I’m not going to go into all the reasons that eating meat is harmful for your body and your children’s bodies (read my earlier posts for full discussions of that), but I will say that the USDA and the scandalous meat packing plant practices are certainly making a strong case for vegetarianism. We don’t need meat to live – or even to function better.

Meat consumption is a choice. It is an expensive choice, and a harmful one. It is a dangerous choice. It’s OK to play “russian roulette” with your own health and life, but you shouldn’t with your children’s lives.

This latest recall is regarding E. Coli tainted beef and is centered throughout the country. But the next poison contamination could be at your neighborhood store. It could involve chicken, pig, or more cows.

Why risk it? At least with contaminated vegetables (such as the recent tomato scare) you can still safely eat processed – canned or bottled – vegetables. (See FDA report at But with beef … well contaminated dead cow is contaminated no matter what you do to it!

The following post offers some suggestions for what to do with cows you may have, but may now be unsure what to do with.

God bless your family and their health – but don’t leave it all up to Him, use common sense. Don’t eat dead, decaying animals!


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