The best Mexican Food in the World!

Oh. My. Word. … !

My darling wife and I have just been to heaven in a restaurant in Northwest Arkansas. We’re having a brief vacation-ette using the excuse of a wonderful nephew’s wedding on Saturday. And so, I decided to treat my special girlfriend to a get-away.

Jury’s not in yet on the hotel (Hyatt Place), since we just got her a few hours ago. Although the 42-inch plasma TV was a deciding factor in my choice for where to stay. But when we got the munchies and headed out to see what we could find to eat, we hit a gold mine.

Just west down Highway 12 from Highway I-540 is a restaurant named Osegueras. A small sign on the side of the building states that it was “voted best Mexican food in the state.” That would be the state of Arkansas. But, Oh. My. Word.

Jo Donna got all adventurous and said she wanted to try something new, so we went hunting and found Osequeras. I love her even more today.

The two kinds of salsa that came with the corn chips were especially good themselves – warm, sweet and flavorful. We started to get an inkling at that point that we were in for something special. Jo ordered the Garden Taco Salad and I asked for the vegetarian combo meal (they had me with “vegetarian”!) with three enchiladas: spinach, vegetable, and cheese, which included rice and refried beans.

When the very attentive waiter brought our meals, our first bites were the beginning of … well, I’ll say it, the beginning of a love affair. Everything, every bite was a sensation in taste. The spinach enchilada filling was creamy, very spinach-y, seasoned perfectly. The vegetable filling in the next enchilada was cooked perfectly – slightly firm, a little crunchy, and great tasting. And the cheese filling in the third enchilada was not just white cheese; it was creamy and rich. Even the refried beans were like none I’ve ever tasted before. (And believe me, as a vegetarian who likes to eat out, I’ve had a lot of refried beans.)

Jo’s veggie salad was just as delightful. Each piece of squash, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, and carrot was, in Jo’s words, “clearly pronounced in its own right.” These delicious items were piled on top of those same wonderful refried beans and crisp lettuce and topped with sour cream and amazing, hand made guacamole that sang. As I said before, Oh. My. Word.

It’s interesting how one’s perspective changes when you taste a meal from heaven. Before this weekend, two hours seemed like a long way to consider driving for a meal. But no more. We will be back. Oh. My. Word!

(more to come about the mini-vacation …)


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