YIPPEE! KFC wises up!!

Just read the news that all Canadian KFCs will soon be offering “mock chicken” as an alternative for those of us who don’t eat dead chickens for one reason or another … or several.

I’ll admit it. I have lusted in my heart. Or maybe in my stomach, I’m not sure where all one can lust after “eleven herbs and spices” in a secret recipe. But where ever that stems from, I’ve done it just about every time recently that I’ve driven past a KFC. Yes, I can make really, really good bar-b-cue ribs and chicken with tofu (recipes in earlier postings), but there is just something about the Colonel’s crust!

I had to give up going into KFCs for lunch (cole slaw, green beans, mashed potatoes, biscuits, etc) because of my impure thoughts about the dead bird food. I even asked once if I could have some of the crust from someone else’s plate. [NOTE: not a good idea!] But soon, I hope, I can go back to happy-mouth-place and not contribute to the demise of a chick.

As soon as you read this, please contact KFC and ask them to bring the mock chicken to America. It’s a really long drive to Canada!



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