ZOWIE! Vertical Metro Farm Plans!

‘Farm in the sky’ planned for New York
By Matthew Moore
SOURCE: UK Telegraph

Last Updated: 12:01am BST 15/07/2008

Plans for a “vertical farm” growing crops in the centre of New York are a step closer to becoming reality.

Plan for a vertical farm drawn up by SOA Architects in assocation with Dr Dickson Despommier
Plan for a vertical farm drawn up by SOA Architects in association with Dr Despommier

Local officials in Manhattan are drawing up a study to investigate whether a farm skyscraper would be economically and environmentally viable.

Urban vertical farms have been mooted by architects for several years, but until now had been widely dismissed as expensive and impractical.

But there now appears to be a real drive to push ahead with a pilot project. “I think we can really do this,” said Scott Stringer, the borough president of Manhattan and the man who hopes the pitch the idea to the mayor’s office. “We could get the funding.”

He added: “Obviously we don’t have vast amounts of vacant land, but the sky is the limit in Manhattan”.

Mr Stringer’s ambition was fired by the designs of Dr Dickson Despommier, a professor of public health at Columbia University, and chief evangelist for the vertical farm project.

The 30-storey towers he envisages would grow enough food – crops, fruit and vegetables – for 50,000 local people, he claims.

They would cut energy use in food production by reducing the distance crops are transported, and would also guarantee urban food supply at a time of rising prices.


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