13,000 in hospital in China milk scandal

[Again with the Chinese poisons! What is going on here? Is the Chinese productino machine just being pushed too hard too fast, or are the shoddy mistakes indicative of a failure by the Communist government to control every aspect of The People’s lives? I guess that’s OK with the Chinese People who “elect” the Communist leaders over and over (yeah, right!), but now they’re poisoning outsiders, too. Shouldn’t someone do something … like maybe stop buying so much from China!??]
FROM: Reuters News Agency

The number of Chinese infants sick in hospital after drinking tainted milk formula has doubled to nearly 13,000 and the country’s highest ranking quality regulator has resigned over the scandal.

Four deaths have been blamed on the toxic milk powder, which causes kidney stones and agonizing complications, and a string of Asian countries have banned or recalled Chinese milk products.

The official Xinhua news agency said in a brief statement that the country’s quality chief, Li Changjiang, had quit in light of the case. “Li was the highest ranking official brought down so far by the dairy product contamination scandal,” it said.

The Communist Party chief of Shijiazhuang, home to the Sanlu Group which made the tainted milk powder, has also been fired, Xinhua said, the latest official to loose their job for mishandling the incident.

The Health Ministry said the number of children hospitalized due to the milk powder contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine rose from a previously announced total of 6,244 – which included many who had left hospital – to 12,892, including 104 who were in a serious condition.

More than 1,500 had already left hospital and nearly 40,000 with milder symptoms “received clinical treatment and advice” before going home. The ministry did not explain the sharp rise.

The jump to more than 54,000 affected children was announced late on Sunday, escalating a scandal that has again shaken trust in Chinese products after last year’s scares over toxic and shoddy goods from toothpaste and drugs to pet food and toys.

Melamine, used in making plastics, has also been found in cartons of milk and some dairy exports, but no illnesses from those sources have been reported.


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