Give It Your All!

Did you ever watch kids at a school dance? Notice that some of them just sort of stand there, trying not to move too much in fear that someone will notice that they can’t dance too well. Don’t they look silly? Eyes on the floor, sneaking glimpses around to see who’s watching them.

Then there’s the guy who jumps out there and, no matter how goofy he may look, you can really tell he’s having a ball. Maybe he’s got the silliest dance moves you’ve ever seen, but MAN! isn’t he having a great time! His partner probably is, too. Because he throws all caution to the wind and jumps right in, he and his date … and everyone around him have fun.

Who looks the dumbest: the guy who is trying not to move at all lest some sees him, or the happy guy who is dancing his heart out? I always felt sorry for that first guy because the harder he tries to not look silly, the sillier he looks. I also always admired the second guy. At the end of the dance, guess which one of them had the better memories of the dance? Guess which guy’s date hugged him tighter?

You’re that guy! (or gal)

In your relationship, you have the opportunity to either look the reluctant incompetent or the all-in happy person enjoying life and lifting everyone else’s spirits.

How openly do you love your mate? How obvious is your relationship to anyone who might be glancing your way? What do your kids see in your commitment? How loved does your sweetheart feel when you’re out for dinner or at church or just at home with the kids?

Well? Are you the goofy looking one or the one everyone else what’s to be like?

Get in there and give it your all!


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