Food Allergies in Children – CDC Study –

An article published today, Food Allergies in Children – CDC Study, tells a frightening story for your family. Seems the cases of food allergies in children is up nearly TWENTY PERCENT in the last 10 years. That means there is a much better chance of your kids falling victim to a behavioral or health disorder because of the food you feed them.

What that really means is that your kids and stepkids have a real likelihood of being affected every day by their food, in ways you probably don’t expect. Food allergies can affect the expected: respiratory problems like asthma and skin reactions like eczema. But they can and often do also result in behavioral problems based on systemic reactions to ingredients or substances in the foods.

Get a book called “Food & Behavior” by Barbara Stitt – it will really open your eyes and help you with your kids issues. Stitt is a Juvenile probation officer who developed a dietary program for her charges which not only changed their overall health, but actually helped them control their unruly behaviors, acting out, and even criminal inclinations.

I have some quotes from Stitt on our main blog page (look over there, in the right-hand column, about half-way down the page), but here’s the main message of the book:
“… food allergies can provoke lethargy, stupor, disorientation, paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, distraction, agitation, rage, panic, convulsive seizures and coma.
Junk food abuses the mind, undernourishes the body and distorts the behavior.

I strongly urge every parent and stepparent to get Stitt’s book and consider the way your kids are acting. Chances are – and the CDC supports thin in their new study results – they are being influenced by the foods and ingredients that you are feeding them. And the real kicker is, you are most likely under those same influences, especially if your diet includes any of the big culprits: white flour, white sugar, some nuts, too much meat and dairy, not to mention your own personal allergies you may not know about.

Listen: we stepfamilies have enough issues to deal with, from ex-spouses to rebellion by the kids, to ignore this factor. I’m happy to help you with your disputes and to coach you to better relationships, but you can start the process yourself by paying attention to your body and emotional health.

Take care of yourself so you can take care of your family!!!



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