Our Container Garden

Our first container garden is still producing super goodies:

We got these just last week. It’s nice to know they’re all organic and all packed with good stuff.

Here’s our garden:

This was taken last Spring, after we’d just started the garden adventure.

Detail to show that everything is grown in containers – just cheap plastic tubs from the dollar store. But they have worked out great. It was amazing to see how well everything grew, much better than I’ve ever seen in regular, in-the-ground, hard work gardens.

We put the garden by our front porch, by the carport so it was easy to remember to water in the morning before we left for work, and quick to harvest on the way into the house. We’ll definitely continue our new garden next year, probably expanding it a bit. Eventually, we will be able to grow all our vegetable needs out of little buckets!

I highly recommend this as a family project. Let each kid have their own container to be responsible for and let the whole family reap the rewards!


2 thoughts on “Our Container Garden”

  1. Hi “blessed”,We had the same problem here in Arkansas, where it gets over 100 and stays there for weeks. But the containers hold water better than open ground, plus having it right by the front door helped us remember to water every morning. Try it! I’ll bet you’ll get some good eats from it. Research hot weather crops and veggies that are recommended for your area.


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