Get Over It!

In twenty years, most of the petty demands you’re making will seem childish and selfish. Do your future self and your children a favor and get over it.

By demanding everything exactly the way you want it, you are setting yourself (and all who love you) up to be constantly disappointed and frustrated, i.e. unhappy.

Why is this so hard? Jesus clearly pointed out that it is easier to be forgiving and nice than to be demanding and mean. Do you just not believe Him, or do you think yours is a better way? To quote that guy on TV, “How’s that workin’ for ya?”

Just forgive. Let it go. Accept an apology when it’s offered – and assume an apology when it’s not offered. Or just let-it-go. Do you honestly have so few real needs in your busy life that you have time to throw away on sulking and rehashing your whines?

Love God ( = obey His directions) and love your neighbor (duh! that’s the person nearest you, too!). Forgive. Get over it!



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