To Hell in A Handbasket …

Let’s talk about the American education system. First we could discuss the idea of what it is supposed to be doing for us and our kids, then we could move on to how well it’s actually working.

Wait. First I have to tell you why I’m so hot on this topic tonight. I just heard from a very upset client couple who’ve been told their son has been asked not to come back to public school next week due to terroristic threatening. Now they have to pay for a private school — a behavioral school to allow their child to get the education for which they will still be paying tax dollars.

Sounds reasonable, right?

Wait. I forgot to tell you how old the boy is. He’s eight years old. Yup. Eight years old and he’s being banned from public school for terrorism. Now I can hear the sensible among you asking yourselves, “What in the world can an eight year old kid do to frighten the school board and teachers so badly they feel the need cast him out?” Did he bring a weapon onto the school ground? Did he call in a bomb threat to the school? Did he lay out a detailed plan to kill a particular teacher? Nope.

He got angry and said he was so mad he felt like killing someone.

And the school freaked out, called his mother and insisted she come right away and take him away for the safety of the other students and the staff. They almost called the police to have him arrested, but stopped short of having a riot squad disrupt classes and tear gas the third grade. How considerate.

Now folks, this is not a hulking 17 year old defensive end who was threatening chaos upon the poor, beleaguered, endangered staff. No, this was a skinny four foot tall upset child — CHILD — who had gotten frustrated with a school function (involving computers would be my guess) and threw a little boy tantrum. And the American, the Arkansas school system panicked and almost locked down.

Good Grief! What has this poor excuse for an education system in Western Arkansas come to? The boy weighs maybe 50 pounds, tends to be high strung, and says angry words in school.

Heavens! Call out the National Guard! Alarm! Fire, War, and Earthquake! What ever shall we do? An upset little boy has gotten VERBAL! Quick! Someone who knows something — anything! — come rescue us endangered teachers, ‘cause Heaven knows we ain’t prepared to deal with upset children!

Good Grief!

This is the same educational system that has for over two hundred years dealt with children of all stripe, teaching them, molding them, shaping them into citizens. But today — in the “enlightened” modern age — they freak out and eject an upset child into the world. “Begone, Demon Spawn! We are far too advanced to have the slightest idea what to do with a temper tantrum from a little boy!”

I’ll try to restrain myself from the far-too-easy retort of telling what MY American educational system would have done if I’d thrown such a tantrum … Oh, wait, I did! I did toss the occasional fit when I was a little boy. But … I don’t remember any lock downs. I can’st seem to recall the teachers paling and rushing the rest of the students from the classroom to save them from my wrath. Seems like I got sent to the principal’s office for a good talking to, then back to class to finish my math. Gee, I almost wish we’d had it as easy then — I could have gotten out of math!

What has happened to drag a common sense system down to the ridiculous farce we have to deal with today? Simple. Common sense and basic intelligence were tossed out as too unexciting. And it seems like it all happened around the same time we decided we were too bloody smart to allow such archaic ideas as faith, God, Ten Commandments, corporal punishment, and hugs. Instead they’ve embraced blind ignorance and foolishness. And they are bound and determined to instill those same fine qualities in our children. And guess what? They’re succeeding brilliantly.

What a pathetic, stupid mess.



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