14 Kids! Could You? Would You???

By now you’ve probably heard at least the basics of the story about the mom who had EIGHT babies all at once. This story is stirring up so much controversy that I’m taking a survey of our stepparenting family.

First the basic facts (according to Time Magazine’s story at (http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1878080,00.html):
* Name, age: Nadya Suleman, 33 years old;
* Family: SIX other children already, plus her parents, with whom she currently lives;
* Situation: unemployed, unmarried
* Controversial points:

  1. parents had to file bankruptcy last year because of expense of raising seven children,
  2. mother begged her not to have more kids,
  3. she had to change doctors to get the fertilization treatments,
  4. she chose to be a single mom, several times over, said she hopes the dad will want to be involved,
  5. since she’s broke, tax-payer bill for this birth = $1.3 million
  6. looking to turn this into a windfall through book/movie/TV show deals

OK, that’s the scoop … now, what do you think?
As stepparents we, too, have chosen to “have” more children in our lives, sometimes many more children. So how do you relate to Suleman’s decision to purposely have more children, as a single mom, when she already had six?

Take the poll there, to the right, and share your feelings. If you have comments, just click on the word, “comments,” just below here.

This poll will be active for one week, and the results will be posted at least until the end of February, when I’ll let you know that the accumulated (but anonymous) results and comments are.



3 thoughts on “14 Kids! Could You? Would You???”

  1. I think it was very irresponsible and reckless of her to do this. She could not support the 6 children she already had and then to add 8 more to the mix! And at your expense and my expense! It makes me terribly sick to my stomach! She is a single person and there will be no possible way she can give each child the love and attention they deserve!!! I don’t wish any ill but I do wish she would have thought this through. And the Doctors that did this and allowed it are definitely WRONG!


  2. I believe that if God did not want those babies born then they would not have been born no matter what doctors did to make it happen. Why is it ok for the Duggers to keep having babies and Jon & Kate plus 8 and all the others to keep having kids but this girl cathes crap for it? I know the situation is different but LEAVE her alone! Why aren't the companies rushing to help her with donations? Talk about double standards!


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