Stepfamily Definitions

[NOTE: in our on-line support group, members often use common abbreviations to refer to their family members (SS = stepson; SM = stepmom, etc), the following is a lighthearted lexicon to guide and encourage you …]

In order to lessen possible confusion over obscure abbreviations, I
feel the need to step in and provide a primer of sorts for our
members. Because, while I am “hip” to you “cool cats'” “jive lingo”,
some of our less “with it” members may not be so “clued in.” Therefore,

* BF = biological father (or befuddled fussbudget)
* BM = no, not the usual BM, but biological mother (or bilious malcontent)
* CEF = chronically enabling family
* DH = doddering habitué
* LDF = loving dysfunctional family
* ME = magnanimous equalizer (or malingering encroacher)
* ODD = outwardly distraught daddy’sgirl (or dingbat … see SD below)
* OSS = obfuscated stepson (this new abridgment almost threw me; I was
inclined at first to go with the WWII governmental body, the Office of
Strategic Services, but realized the writer was undoubtedly too young
to remember the precursor to the CIA; other possible definitions
included Obstreperous or Obligationally-challenged – until I realized
he was muddled, confused, and working from the dark)
* SS = someone else’s son
* SD = she devil (or sweet dingbat, or slovenly dip)
* SM = sobered misapprehender
* YDD = yielding disconnected damsel

Of course, this is only a partial list. Unintended omissions were
unintentional. If you have any additions to subsume, please convey
those forthwith hereto:

If you can’t laugh at the mess you’re in, then you’re in a real mess!

Some definitions are obvious, some are not so obvious. However, I believe that
stepparents should take every opportunity possible to laugh at their
situation. Clearly, “DH” doesn’t mean “Doddering Habitué” – but,
honestly, haven’t you ever felt a little like it did?

Stepparenting is hard enough. But, if you allow it to, it will pass.
You can dance through it with your loved ones or you can fight through
it and find yourself alone and bitter. I tried both methods and
discovered that dancing is much more productive than fighting.

Dance, sing, laugh, giggle – it will either annoy your stepkids so much
they leave you alone, or it will entice them so they join in.

STEPcoach Bob Collins


One thought on “Stepfamily Definitions”

  1. I love this statement – If you can’t laugh at the mess you’re in, then you’re in a real mess! There’s little need to take things too seriously, it takes most of the fun out of life. And I’ll add this, don’t take life so serious, none of us are getting out alive anyway!


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