Top Ten reasons to Mediate

Here is my Top Ten list of reasons you should consider mediation with your ex-spouse:

10. Lots cheaper than going back to court
9. Dress casually—flip flops and blue jeans are OK!

8. Brag to your friends that you thought of it first

7. Mediation takes much less time than going back to court

6. Finally, you get to complete a sentence while talking to your ex!

5. No jail time (unlike murdering the jerk)

Your kids see how fair and reasonable you are
3. Judges like it when you mediate (which is always good)

Your ex has to pay half the fee (HA!)
1. Your solution, your way, to your satisfaction—you always win with mediation!


[NOTE: other options for the list were:]

* mediators are so cool to hang with
* mediation is so much fun!!

* lawyers already have too much money

Bobby Collins, state certified family mediator

http://www.FamilyMediator.ORG — 522-7490


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