Super Stepfamily Reports & Ebooks Available

Please hurry over HERE to pick up our exclusive series of guides for stepfamilies before they go up in price next week. Our price increase isn’t going to be too harsh, but why not get these super helpers at their lower price now!

Reports include:
* 12 Steps to Improving Your Stepfamily’s Communication – our groundbreaking basic guidelines for all stepfamilies to prevent conflicts and promote peace
* The Rule Book – a great, easy to use workbook to help you plan your family’s success
* You’re Not My Dad! – to help stepdads understand raising another man’s kids
* You’re Not My Mom! – written with the help of several stepmoms to love the hard-to-love
* Responsibility of A Lifetime – understanding what you need to give your new family
* Beat the Holiday Blues – plans and preparation for the holidays, when stepfamily challenges abound!

You can wait if you want, but eventually you’ll need the information in these reports. They’re still bargain priced so you can get one of each. The ebook format makes quick delivery possible and they’re readable on your computer or your electronic book reader or PDF.

Whether you’re a stepmom, a stepdad, married to one, or a stepgrandparent, you’ll find great guidelines in these terrific resources. Go HERE to order your stepfamily success guides today at curent low prices.

Love, Joy, & Peace
STEPcoach Bob Collins


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