Just Found: New Resource

I am really beginning to love Twitter! I know, I know – some folk think of Twitter as a way for kids or celebrities with too much time on their hands to tell WAY too much about themselves.
And it is that.

But it’s also a super way to connect with like-minded businesses, individuals, and support organizations. That is where I’ve really come to appreciate this social network. And I just found another great resource for you (y’all) (youse guys):

WeParent is a neat web site with tons of useful information for divorced parents who are working together to raise their children right. As their “about” statement says:

We’re on a mission to support and facilitate a co-parenting “revolution” among African-American parents! We want to be support central for parents willing to face the challenges of co-parenting in order to enjoy the fulfillment of raising healthy, whole children.

I strongly encourage all my friends who are in divided families (and most of us are!) to check out the good folks at WeParent!

Have a super Summer!

STEPcoach Bob Collins
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One thought on “Just Found: New Resource”

  1. Thanks for the shout out! It really is wonderful to be in the inspiring company of people who know that it is possible…not always easy…but certainly possible.


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