You CAN NOT do it! … but …

Mom, worn out and about to cry.
Are you so worn out trying to do it on your own that you are failing?

I was thinking of you this morning as I headed out into the day. I turned on the radio this morning, praying, as I often do, that God would give me a word for the day. This is what I heard:

Are you a practical atheist

Not a theological atheist, who says I don’t believe God exists. But a practical atheist who makes plans, saves for emergencies, prepares for possibilities, and basically trusts in yourself to take care of self and family? 

A practical atheist is still an atheist. “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. (James 4:6)

If you are in a Christian marriage/partnership, you both prayed and agreed that this family would follow God’s will. That the primary reason for your uniting was, in addition to loving each other and your children, to give glory to God, and to witness to more people of God’s existence, His love, and His salvation.

But what are others witnessing in you? With so many stressed stepmoms and stepdads, everything I see about how you are dealing with this – your own kids and stepkids’ attitudes, spouse/partnership relationship, ex-spouses, bills, schedules, etc, etc, etc – blares out, “I am afraid that may fail! I must do more and better! He/they are going to beat me, so I have to try harder to make this work!” This is what your words, your actions, and your demeanor say to the world watching you.

My dear, dear brother or sister, Please listen to God. Sit down. Breathe. “Be still and know that He is God.” (Psalms 46:10)You have to be still in order to let Him show that He is God, otherwise, your action, fervor, and your good hard works take the limelight from Him.

This stepparenting business is much, MUCH easier than you are making it. Over two decades of being a stepparent and working with thousands of stepfamilies has proven this to me, time and time again.

You are not capable in yourself. But as God’s child, you are privileged to observe how your Father blesses you and your family as He does it.

“Be still and know that He is God.”


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