Lessons in Failure


In the Old Testament book of Malachi, God says that He hates divorce. Today’s society will say, “it’s none of your business, God, it’s my life and I’ll do with it what I wish; it doesn’t affect anyone except me.”

I just found out that a close friend-couple with a sweet little toddler is getting divorced. Why?

Because she ISN’T HAPPY!!!

Oh, good grief! Cry me a freakin’ river. Her child is already acting out because he’s so upset. Her and her husband (the victim in this little self-indulgent play) family will be torn up AGAIN. Her son will always be disturbed (a.k.a. Damaged) because of this. She will go on to a second marriage (a stepfamily) which will have a 70% chance of divorce, then probably on to a third with a 75% chance of ANOTHER divorce.

Just so she can be HAPPY! What utter foolishness.

What a stupid way to try to make yourself happy – at the expense of your child, your spouse (you know, the guy you swore – YOU SWORE – to be faithful to Til DEATH DO YOU PART [i.e. all the rest of your life]) your family, and YOURSELF and whatever guys you talk into marrying you next time and time again.


Friends, Watch your acquaintances who choose to do this – to throw everything away so they can be HAPPY. Watch them over the years as they whine and bitch about how unfair life is as they fail over and over to find nirvana.

Watch them and learn.
Because they are our lessons of failure.

STEPcoach Bob


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