New Video Game Alert

Boy screaming at TV as he plays video game
Riding the Rage of Video Games

Whether you’re talking specifically about the newest phenom in video games, Fortnite, or any of the other 100s of addictive games your child has access to, as a parent and/or stepparent, it is part of your duty to make sure your kids can handle them.

The article referenced below about Fortnite refers to complications your kids can encounter if they play video games. My own grandson has had problems with these effects as he has grown up. In particular, we noticed that he would be quite a bit more aggressive after a session with the video. His temper would be shorter, his attitude more defensive, and his conversation was more rude than usual. We wound up with a pretty strict rule about limiting his playing time. (Every other day for no more than an hour at a time)

Read this article, then let me know if you’ve noticed any problems with video games in your tribe.

Movieguide: Three Things Parents Need to Know About Fortnite

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