STOP the Fights Already!

Arguments happen - Peace is createdSometimes families get tangled up in conflicting wants.

He says I believe we should do this and do it this way.

And she says (not to be obstinate, honestly having a different view point) No, we need to do it this way!

And you’re off to the races! He gets steadily firmer in his way, she gets more convinced of her way. And before you know it the whole family is bound up in the tension.

Well, have I got good news for you!

Mediation can solve those conflicts

  • Mediation is a process where one person (the Mediator)
  • guides two parties who are in conflict (such as a divorcing husband and wife, or two divorced parents)
  • to find a solution to their disagreements so they can work together for their children.

Our family Mediation Program has been very successful in helping divorced parents and stepfamilies in all stages find peaceful solutions to family conflicts and disputes.

Mediation is designed to help you get past your immediate stressful situations and develop stronger, more positive methods of building more workable relationships.

Mediation is shorter in duration than counseling and less expensive than hiring lawyers.

Mediation is NOT psychiatry, psychological counseling, or traditional marriage therapy. I am not intent on analyzing your relationship skills, your psychoses, or any mental illnesses.

My only goal is to help your family survive and succeed and work better.

When couples cannot reach a reasoned agreement, the whole family suffers, especially the children, because most divorces involve unresolved quarrels.

The number one cause of trauma for children of divorce is their parents’ battles. Mediation can lessen the battles and allow for a better family life.

Mediation for Ex-Spouses is the most effective method of dealing with:

  • hurt feelings and guilt
  • disrespect, both for parents and children
  • misunderstandings caused by angry or improper communication

Left unaddressed, these can make divorced parents become enemies instead of cooperative partners in raising their children. Mediation is a controlled, safe atmosphere where both sides can honestly discuss what is best for their children.

You Are Not Alone

I will act as both your Personal Coach and your formal Mediator who won’t take sides with either of you, but will keep you on track toward a positive solution.

As your Coach, I will help you both to develop a plan to handle your conflicts.
I will Mediate between you regarding specific problems that are holding you back,
and Coach you both to new ways to deal with those challenges.

To learn how Mediation can help your family, contact me at 479-522-7490

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