Sensitive Child?

We talk a lot about strong-willed, troublesome kids, but what about the other extreme?

Do you have a sensitive (step)child? They seem to get hurt feelings over anything, from a sharp word to just a glance that they interpret differently than you meant.

Having both helped raise a sensitive child and (especially) having been one myself, I can empathize with both parent and child. A sensitive child is in turmoil much of the time when they are interacting with others, unsure how to approach them, but knowing they are supposed to be social — even when they would rather be alone or sitting quietly reading a book with quiet friends, quietly.

And the (step)parent has to interpret the mood of this mysterious child at this time.

The article below has some good suggestions, but I really want to hear about your own experiences raising (or being) a sensitive child. What do you notice that is different? What do you feel you have to be more aware of?

And, what are some sweet benefits you get to enjoy with a more sensitive (step)child?

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