Got A Defiant Rule-Breaker? GREAT!

Stubborn childAs you know, divorce and family spilts can cause all kinds of upsets for children who find themselves torn between two beloved parents. And those upsets often lead to acting out and other confusing behavior changes.

However, sometimes a stubborn kid is stubborn because … well, just because she’s a stubborn kid!

And that may not be all that bad. No, really. As hard as it is to go into a battle of wills every-single-stinkin’-day, many studies are proving that those less than blissful children may be literally Diamonds in the Rough.

The child who too often argues about dinner time, bed time, television limitations, naps, and seemingly every other thing may be the child who shoots up the ladder of success ahead of his more compliant companions.

The following, attached article explains the whys this can happen and offers some suggestions about how to encourage your Alpha-wolf cub toward a future of leadership. It’s a good read.

But let me suggest also that you help your budding CEO learn to respect the reality of Rules for safety and the common (family) good. Just because you understand that it is good to Nurture a character of go-to-it, that doesn’t relieve you of your responsibility to “train up your child in the way he should go.”

That leader of men will also need to follow guidelines in society on her way to success. And you are the designated teacher and shaper of character. YOU are the ones whom he or she will look to for direction. Your child may do this grudgingly or even a bit resentfully, but you are the models for their dealings with the world.

Nurturing the gifts and talents given to your child is a solemn responsibility. No one else can communicate what you can. They — and we — are counting on you.

STEPcoach Bob Collins

Your Stubborn Child Might Just Turn Out To Be More Successful And Wealthier, Says Study

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