No Wimps Allowed!

Loving … or Damaging?

One of the most important lessons we can teach our kids is to prepare them to deal with difficult situations in life, since we know they will have challenges. Situations such as confrontations with bullies, mean teachers, unfair bosses, selfish spouses, and bratty children of their own, will confront them throughout their lives. We should prepare them to not only deal with, but to understand those situations.

How can we prepare them to handle and understand difficulties, if we are bubble wrapping them all the time to protect them from such situations?

Of course, I’m not talkin about allowing them to be dangerously harmed physically, rather I am referring to allowing them to learn on their own. As an example, we sue school boards and teachers if they treat our children less than perfectly, because (we fear) that is a damage our child’s psyche.

If, instead, we teach our children how to understand and deal with a tough teacher, our children will use that same experience and lesson later in life in to deal with a tough boss.

If we are not careful, we will wind up creating a sissy culture that only cries when they are challenged, rather than rising to the challenge and overcoming. Look at our nation’s past and our species’ past. If certain people in the past hadn’t been up to handling challenges, we would not have advanced in many of the ways that we did. If instead, some in our past only went away and whined, they would have simply fallen and died, and we would have not benefited from their lessons.

Be careful the examples you set and the lessons you teach your children because that’s what they will become, and what they will give to their children — your grandchildren.

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